Doubts You Should Clarify About Towing Vehicles

Get any information on her I don’t know if we can just yet oh she’s trotting over she is excited okay I’m so sorry lady but you’re not going to get what you expect over here all right she’s clearly interested as you can see she’s coming this way again so I went for it I definitely one for fleeing animals oh my god I cannot get a hard shot that’s got to be the same honestly I don’t even care about the deer look at this fucking view okay so we’re going to go over.

Reliable Sources To Learn About Towing Vehicles

There see if we can track them again we’re heading up to the lookout anyways but I don’t know again I’m hoping we see a dead deer on the ground over here I really hate how often they flee in this game maybe it’s just my aim i don’t know but i feel like I’m aiming at the right areas for some sort of intestinal shots and it’s just not working for me go off in a second here that’s what i wanted i want to see a bloodshot that’s a lot of blood man that might be a very good sign blood trail bleed rate only medium okay we also got a warning call oh I think I think I just saw yes is that.

That the outline of a deer okay look at that so we did get her after all and she’s hiding out in the forest here oh my god that’s bigger than I expected all right well we begged the dough ladies and oh my god she is big for a female how did we do left lung exactly where you want to shoot okay so we got some XP for that one in the left lung and must have stayed in there because there was no exit wound either rifle score reward so you get some sort of score system now you can see I got a there and that’s how you level up your character so you level up by killing cute little animals.

Isn’t that great guys alright we’re going to accept that you don’t get ah you don’t get trophy shots in this game man trophy shots were the best if you remember in the original hunter all right but that’s where I wanted to go oh my god we got another call what is this another blacktail deer uh you know what where we don’t let that one go.

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