The Hidden Agenda Of Towing

know if you have visitors or in-laws or something like that they need their own place to stay this is perfect a lot cheaper to buy one of these and to build onto your house it’s got a sliding glass entry door which this would be perfect for a walkout deck got the ten gallon water heater second entry door to the back bedroom and as you can see just a really clean.

part model especially for a model just an amazing condition no dents dearness striping finished looks great roof looks great tires look great got a ton of room in this one let’s take a look inside this mm Leighton folks when you step inside the first thing I want you to know there’s no smoke no pet odors and we guarantee everything to work look at all the openness in this floor plan plenty of room with this big slide-out large kitchen it’s a two bedroom model and we’re going to start off going into the front bedroom you’ve got two bunk beds in here that’s what you’ve got.

10 Great Towing Ideas That You Can Share With Your Friends

storage here little mini closets on each side of the camper second table booth folks this makes it bad so you can actually sleep up to four people in here in this front bedroom course you got some overhead storage where she got a vent fan in here plenty of lighting so you can sleep for people just in the front bedroom and in here in the living area don’t you notice some features stereo ice-cold dusted roof air dusted furnace all this works perfectly look at the size of the slide-out you’ve got a queen-size.

pull-out sleeper sofa instead of the futon style table will fold down make a bed so you can sleep for more people in here in the living area so now we’re up to eight people they can use back and sleep in this camper if you want them to look at the size of this kitchen folks I like this about the park models large one team electric refrigerator and just very clean you can really fit a lot of food in this you’ve got almost double the cubic foot of a standard army refrigerator freezer and this is all electric let’s say we guarantee all that.

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